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Stairway Lift Safety Features: Important Facts You Should Know Before Purchase

You should know about the most important
stairway lift safety features that are intended
to keep you safe as well as to keep the chair
lift from becoming damaged during use,
before your purchase your stair lift system
for your home.

When dealing with any stair lift company,
you should always make sure that your
home stair lift has at least some, if not all, of
these features. Otherwise, you may be at
risk and your lift system may not operate adequately.

You will find that some are standard features found on all home lift systems, both for indoor and outdoor stair lifts, and others are simply optional. However, always keep in mind that safety is your first priority and it doesn't hurt to add optional safety features as well.

Seat Belt

Perhaps the most basic safety feature, the seat belt should be able to keep you in the chair during operation. Normally, there should not be any jarring to promote you falling from the chair, but this ensures that if the chair abruptly stops or if there are any other problems, that you will be supported.

Foldable Seat

Being able to fold the seat is an important
stair lift safety feature that does not protect
you during use, but when the chair is resting.

This decreases the chance of you, or anyone
else, tripping over the chair when walking
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near the staircase.

Swivel Seat

A swivel seat is able to move back and forth, which makes it easier and safer to exit from the seat after use. Not only that, but it will lock the chair in place during use, ensuring it does not rock you around when ascending or descending.

Remote Controller

If two or more people are using the stair lift, then an important safety feature is a remote controller. If you bring the lift chair upstairs, but someone needs the lift at the bottom of the staircase, then this can become a problem.

The other person can try ascending the stairs, which may lead to injury, or a
separate remote controller can be used. The remote controller will activate the
chair, bringing it safely up or down the staircase.

Joy Stick Controller

When you use the stair lift, there may be someone walking on the
staircase at the same time. Normally the lift will keep going, which
can injure someone. However, you can stop it instantly with a joy stick.
Just let go of the joy stick, and the chair will stop moving. This is a great
features particular for stair lifts for seniors who may have less dexterity
or strength in the hands.

Obstruction Sensors

Even with the joy stick, you may not see a small object that can obstruct the stair lift. Or, a pet may run so quickly up the staircase that you are unable to properly react without causing some injury to the pet, the lift or yourself. Obstruction sensors are designed to
automatically stop the chair lift immediately upon a slight touch.

An automated system, this will constantly scan the lift’s  area for any
obstructions. As soon as something is discovered, the sensors will cause
the lift to stop moving, preventing damage to the rider or anyone else.
Unless something is rushing towards the stair lift, the sensors do not
typically halt the lift in a quick or jarring way.

Important Buying Tip

When looking for a stair lift, you shouldn’t be concerned only about the
lift speed or stair lift cost, as these are often superficial concerns. Instead,
make sure that you get all the important stair lift safety features that are necessary to keep you, and everyone else in the house safe, as well as keep your new stairway lift in good working order.

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