are also used that resist fading under UV rays. Consumers who purchase outdoor stair lifts should also add a high-quality cover to keep the chair lift system safe from dust, rain, sleet and snow throughout the year.

Cost of Outdoor Stair Lifts

New outdoor stair lifts usually cost around $4,000.00 or more. Used stair lifts can also be bought second-hand or pre-owned, which can be significantly cheaper, but it is rare to find refurbished outdoor lifts systems that fit another home's specifications, since most are customized.

If you can find an outdoor system that works for you, it will be a straight stair lift only, since outdoor curved stair lifts are more customized. The same goes for stair lift rentals that are most often offered for inside use. 

It is rare to get a direct quote on pricing from even the most reputable of stair lift dealers. This is because the following must be taken into account before pricing can be assessed:

  • configuration of your particular outdoor stair case
  • design your chose
  • type of chair chosen
  • power supply chosen
  • types of materials used in rail construction

While straight stair lift cost is less expensive, there are still some customization involved because of each specific home's requirements. If you are interested in a DIY stair lift, you will need to know a lot about construction and modification methods in order to make a pre-owned lift work for your home setting.

Outdoor Stair Lift Companies

There are many outdoor stair lift dealers from which to choose. When comparing prices and dealers, be sure look for one that has a good reputation with both the Better Business Bureau and with various consumer agencies.

Ask friends who have outdoor stair lifts about which company they used and see if they are happy with their warranty and customer service.

Top rated brands include:

Features of Outdoor Stair Lifts

Outdoor stair lifts come with many types of traditional features and extra accessories. The most popular are:

  • seatbelts
  • safety sensors
  • covers

Safety sensors and seatbelts are especially important in outdoor stair lifts. Even the smallest rock can become lodged in an outdoor stair rail and cause an accident. And of course, covers are usually purchased to insure that the lift system is protected from the effects of weathering when not in use.

Special Tips for Buying an Outdoor Stair Lift

Make sure the warranty on the motor is good for the life of the outdoor stair lift. Since this type of home lift system is exposed to the elements year round, it's generally wise to buy an extended warranty to protect your investment.

Check with your city's planning and zoning committee. Some cities require a license before allowing any outside home improvements.

For More Information:

Outdoor Stair Lifts: Home Mobility
Solutions for Outdoor Entrances

If you need better access to your multi-level home entrance, join many others who have chosen outdoor stair lifts for better accessibility. Here's what you need to know!

Outdoor stair lifts allow those who have mobility issues to easily gain access to their decks, porches, or outdoor multi-story floors. They are relatively easy to install and are certainly cheaper than
having to move to a one-story home. 

Types of Outdoor Stair Lifts

Like indoor home stair lifts, outdoor stair lifts can be made
straight or curved to suit the design of various staircases.
The rails can fit on either the right side or the left side of
the steps.

Outdoor hand rails are made to attach to the stairs, and not to a wall since many outdoor settings are an open
structure without a support wall.

Quality outdoor stair lifts are designed to be:

  • waterproof
  • weatherproof

While home decks and porch stairs are usually made of treated wood or cement, outdoor stair lift rails contain metal and mechanical components that need protection from various weathering issues caused by water, heat and freezing conditions. 

Good quality systems are built with rails that are made from an alloy composed primarily of aluminum, which resists rust. Seat fabrics
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