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Curved Stair Lift: How to Choose Chair Lifts for Spiraled, Angled or Curved Staircases

Curved stair lifts meet a very real need for many who live in multi-level houses. Those with disabilities or mild to severe mobility issues and want to remain in their homes can benefit from installing curved stair lifts.

Although more expensive than a straight stair lift, buying a curved stair lift is less costly than trying to modify a home for more accessibility or than selling and moving to a single floor house.

What is a Curved Stair Lift?

A curved stair lift is a customized home stair lift that is designed to fit a particular home's curved staircase. These lift systems are built to the specifications of the staircase on which they are used. They are also designed for staircases that have curves, spirals or angles.

You can also get customized, outdoor stair lifts for stairways on your deck, porch or garden areas.

Curved stair lifts are composed of three basic components:

  • track or rail system

  • drive train or carriage

  • seat or lift carriage

These stairway lifts may be assembled with a swivel-style seat which allows for easier entrance and exit. They may also be equipped with a flat platform-style lift for those confined to a wheelchair.


This lift sytem is custom built to the specification of the staircase for which it is intended. It is guaranteed to fit the staircase and allows those who have mobility issues to easily and safely gain access to the upper levels of their homes.

Here are the main advantages:

  • allows those who have trouble bending their knees and those who have trouble climbing stairways, the freedom and independence to move about their homes.

  • reduces the number of accidental trips and falls on stairs each year

  • can be designed to match any home decor and staircase design


The biggest disadvantage is the stair lift cost. This type of home lift system can cost more than ten times the amount of a straight lift system. Plus, it can never be re-sold nor can used stair lifts be purchased that will fit a custom stairway.

It is also impossible to choose a temporary solution that is cheaper, such as a stair lift rental, since rentals are designed for straight staircases, as well.

This is because each design is customized to fit only one particular staircase. The most expensive parts, such as the rails or track system cannot be resold or bought used. However, the seating can be bought from a previous owner, but does little to defray the major costs involved.

Note: If your home has an angled staircase, with a landing between two staircases, you can sometimes purchase two straight stairlift systems that can be installed that can save you money.

Buying Tips

Because these chair lifts have to be customized, unless you have professional carpentry and building experience, it is recommended that you do not attempt use DIY stair lifts. This type is generally for straight stairways anyway.

Also, be sure to check with your local state and city ordinances to see if a building permit is required when installing a curved stair lift.

More shopping hints:

  • Visit showrooms or schedule an in-home visit from a reputable company to get a price estminate for particular home.

  • Negotiate the price. Some showrooms and dealers will take as much as 20 percent off if asked!

  • Research curved stair lift companies. Compare prices, customer reviews, warranties and service guarantees.

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